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GeoSAR Radar Mapping

X-Band vs. P-Band foliage penetration
GeoSAR radar DEM
GeoSAR radar data over Mt. Mckinley, Alaska

GeoSAR is Fugro's unique commercial airborne remote sensing solution for mapping over large, rugged and remote regions. As the world's only dual-band (X- and P-band), single-pass interferometric synthetic aperture radar (IFSAR) mapping system, GeoSAR collects high-resolution geospatial information with unprecedented speed and accuracy, solving the problem of mapping in remote geographic regions.

GeoSAR is uniquely suited to data collection in areas obscured by clouds or vegetation. In the equatorial zone, GeoSAR’s P-band sensor penetrates dense foliage for accurate terrain mapping. In the Arctic, GeoSAR is being used for glacial  and sea-ice analysis. Through a patent-pending process, GeoSAR data provides ice thickness measurements and characterization.

GeoSAR technology provides:

  • Mapping above and below foliage
  • Efficient, reliable large area map production
  • Comprehensive data coverage
  • Wide range of data use
  • On-board vertical ground control
  • Full data ownership

For information on obtaining GeoSAR services in your area, please contact us at info@geosar.com.